Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers below to commonly asked questions related to Neale Donald Walsch and Conversations with God.

  • About Neale
  • How can I contact Neale directly?

    With all the demands on Neale's time, in addition to his writing and public speaking schedules, it is not possible for him to respond to the hundreds of people who write weekly, wishing to speak with him personally, and to ask questions about the CWG books. He does make himself available through CWG Connect, where he interacts with people personally, as well as on his Facebook page and during his monthly eTreats.

  • May I send my book or manuscript to Neale for review?

    While Neale appreciates the desire of people around the world to have him support their book or project, it has become impossible for him to respond to the many people who send him their ideas, proposals, projects, books, manuscripts and other writings, requesting that he invest, support, collaborate, mentor, read, endorse, review and/or critique them. Therefore, we cannot accept gifts, unsolicited books or manuscripts, products or requests for endorsements.

  • Does Neale do private counseling?

    Neale is touched that so many people turn to him for spiritual advice; however, he receives so many requests for help that it is impossible for him to respond to them personally. But there are people who can help you.

    If you would like a CWG based perspective on what's going on for you, you might choose to speak to or email with a CWG Coach. These people are all personally trained by Neale, and are fully grounded in the CWG concepts and practice. The initial one-hour "conversation" is free of charge, and may just provide the answers you need.

    Another option would be contacting The CWG Helping Outreach. It grew out of Neale's book When Everything Changes, Change Everything, and a team of volunteer spiritual helpers there focuses on assisting people through difficult times. Membership is free, so please consider joining. The helpers there are very patient, and work very hard to understand what is being said. And they promise to respond within 24 hours.

    If this is a very challenging time for you, then we honestly believe that the CWG Helping Outreach tools can help you by offering a Spiritual perspective and understanding based on the messages of Conversations with God.

  • CWG Connect
  • How do I contact CWG Connect support?

    For all support and membership questions, please email

  • Neale's E-Mail List
  • How can I get on Neale's email list for Daily Inspirations?

    There are two options for joining Neale's email list: through the Daily Inspiration link and through the Stay Connected link. The list you join will determine the content you receive.

  • How can I update my profile, change my list preferences or unsubscribe?

    At the very bottom of any email you receive from us there is an "Update Profile/Email Address" link. When you click that, our system will send you an email with instructions on how to update your email address, change your list preferences, or unsubscribe. If you do not wish to wait until one of our email updates arrives, simply send a note to and you will be sent the link.

  • I've stopped receiving Neale's emails – what can I do?

    If you've stopped receiving the daily or weekly Inspiration emails or the NDW News emails, one of two things may have happened.  It is possible that either you, or someone you may have forwarded one of the emails to, chose to "unsubscribe" from future mailings. If you – or someone you shared one of our emails with - unsubscribed from any mailing, you were unsubscribed from everything we send.

    Of, you might check with your email provider to see if they are bouncing these.  The sending address we always use is and we use a bulk email sender called "Constant Contact."  For unknown reasons, there are some email providers who routinely bounce or block emails from Constant Contact as part of their spam filtering process --- please check with your service provider to see if they are preventing you from receiving emails from us. 

    To sign up again, please go to:

  • Can you sign up my friends for me?

    Because of certain preferential questions asked, it is important for people to sign up on their own --- we cannot enroll anyone. Please have them sign up at this link:

    Or, you could simply forward any of Neale's emails to them, and invite them to sign up for their own free subscription. There is a "Please Forward This Email" link at the bottom of all emails you receive from us.

  • Products and Ordering
  • How do I place an order?

    Orders may be placed online using our online store. We accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal. We also accept debit cards, but they must have a VISA or MasterCard imprint.

    Only select DVDs and audio products are fulfilled directly through Neale's office. The rest are sent by third party vendors, such as, etc.

  • What is Millennium Legacies?

    When you purchase a product or program through Neale's store, "Millennium Legacies" is the name you will see on your receipt and credit card or PayPal statement. This is the name under which Neale does business.

  • Do you take wholesale orders?

    We take wholesale orders for Conversations with God – The Movie only. For wholesale orders of this DVD, please contact Orders Support.

    For wholesale orders of Neale's books, you can contact a Distributor, or the specific publisher(s) of the title(s) you're looking for. Please visit our Publisher Page.

  • Do you donate books to people in need, or to people in prison?

    Please visit CWG Foundation's FREE Books Program for more information, or contact them via email.

  • Events and Programs
  • When will Neale be in my area?

    Please check our online calendar, where we list all upcoming events.

  • What is your refund policy?

    They do vary slightly, but the refund policy for each of the Neale-sponsored events is clearly outlined at the bottom of the online event description. Please see our Programs page for a list of upcoming Neale-sponsored events.

    For events, products and programs produced by outside sponsors, please refer to their specific webpage for more detail on refunds.

  • Do you offer scholarships for your events?

    Neale offers a wide range of spiritual education opportunities, and there are a number of ways to explore the CWG material at no cost:

    On Neale's Site: Free Content Tab
    At The Global Conversation:
    Through the CWG Helping Outreach:
    At the Conversations with God Foundation:

    Because of the extremely limited space available in the Mentoring Program and the Homecoming, scholarships are not available. However, with the exception of the Spiritual Mentoring Program and the Homecoming, the Spiritual Renewal Retreats put on by Neale all have very generous "flex-pay" options.  In addition, Neale does present one FREE retreat each year.  

    To view our upcoming programs, please visit our Calendar Page.

  • Why do you charge for your events?

    In support of the extensive outreach of Conversations with God, Neale incurs considerable expense, including salaries for a small but dedicated staff, office costs, advertising and web expenses, and other typical "business" overhead. It is for this reason that he requests a small fee for the benefit he hopes to bring. Neale has issued strict instructions, however, that no program or offering should be priced at more than one-third the cost of similar offerings from other authors and teachers. You may easily check online as to the cost of such other programs to find, by comparison, that this is true.

    In addition, Neale has learned that -- ironically -- programs offered for free are often less attended than programs offered at a reasonable fee. Perhaps this is because of a public perception that "you get what you pay for," but we have seen this play out time and time again.

    Finally, the Conversations with God books clearly tell us that "all true benefits are mutual." To produce real and tangible benefit for all concerned, it is far better for the exchange of value to be mutual.

  • Miscellaneous
  • How can I get permission to quote from Neale's books?

    The individual publishers of Neale's titles hold the rights to reproduce the content, and you need to contact them for permission. Please visit our Publisher Page.

  • How do I find out if one of Neale's books is available in digital format?

    First, you can check the list of Neale's eBooks on Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble NOOK Books, or through iTunes or iBookstore. If the book you are looking for is not listed, you will need to contact the publisher directly, as they hold the digital rights to Neale's books and determine if and when it will be released in that format. Please visit our Publisher Page for information on how to contact them.

  • How do I get Neale's books translated into my language?

    Actually, the publishers of Neale's books own the "foreign rights" to those books, and they choose the other publishing houses in other countries that actually do the translations, as well as determine how and where those translated books are distributed. If you would like to contact the publisher directly with your request, please visit our Publisher Page.

  • How can I become more involved with the CWG work in the world?

    There are a number of ways to be involved with the CWG material.  The first and best option for you is to visit CWGPortal and see which of the outreach programs you find there speak to you.  Then, contact the program managers to see how you can become more involved.  

    Also, there is a listing of both CWG Centers and CWG Study Groups on the Conversations with God Foundation website: Click on "Programs" in the top navigation, and then look for "CWG Centers" in the dropdown menu. In the "Search" box that appears on the next page, choose your city or country and then click "View Now." Any centers will be listed. You can do the same through Programs in the top navigation to look for "Study Groups" and "Wisdom Circles." You can get details on how to start your own CWG Study Group by emailing

    Or, another group affiliated with the CWG work in the world, and founded by Neale Donald Walsch over a decade ago, is Humanity's Team. They have an enormous international outreach and may have contacts near you. For further information go to:

  • Does Neale have an affiliate program?

    Neale does not have an affiliate program. If you feel that it serves your own soul's agenda to help share the CWG message, we are very happy, and will be grateful for any assistance you may offer in placing these spiritually inspiring words into the hands of as many people as possible, as rapidly as it is practical to do so. Why? Because Neale believes that the CWG message was meant for the whole world --- and can change for the better the way we "do life" on this planet.

  • Where can I learn more about the SouLogic Process?

    Please visit our SouLogic Process page for a full explanation and video demonstration.

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