The SouLogic Process

There is a way that a person can find the path to the Soul, especially with regard to a particular life issue, and that is through “soul searching.”

Several years ago in a Spiritual Renewal Retreat that I was facilitating, I was attempting to assist a participant in moving through a deeply troubling and emotionally challenging personal issue.  I remember "going inside" and asking God, "How can I help this man?" and suddenly I found myself spontaneously asking him a series of questions. Those questions opened him to the wisdom of his Soul right in front of my eyes.  

Indeed, everyone in the retreat was astonished at the clarity that he brought through.  He literally explained to himself the spiritual agenda that was served by the prior life event that had troubled him for so many years.  This produced an immediate transformation in the way he was "holding" the event itself in his mind. It healed him of his anxiety and his sadness with regard to the event instantly. You could see a tremendous weight lifted off of his shoulders.  His face changed and softened, even his voice was different, and a few small tears found their way to his eyes. He said, so quietly that he could barely be heard, "Six years of analysis by a psychiatrist did not bring me to this. I will never know how to thank you."  

Thanks, of course, was not due to me. I felt that Divinity itself had intervened in that moment. I have to tell you that I did not even remember the series of questions I had asked him until we played back the video that had been made of the workshop.  

Since that time, however, I can tell you that the power of those questions has not been lost on me, and I have used these questions - which I have named the SouLogic Process - as a healing tool at least once if not several times in every Spiritual Renewal Retreat that I have conducted since.  

This SouLogic Process, and the questions that comprise it, may be used by any person. You can even write the questions down - or print off this page - in advance and use them on yourself. Simply leave a space on a piece of paper after each question and write your answer. Do not be surprised if it moves you to s a space of greater clarity about whatever issue is confronting you.

Or, you can scroll past the description below and watch a live-action demonstration of the SouLogic Process first. 

The SouLogic Process

The SouLogic process is designed to offer a person an opportunity to come to spiritual clarity around a particular incident or relationship in that person\'s life, through the asking of seven questions. The questions are:

     1.  Do you believe in God?

     2.  Do you believe in the existence of the human Soul?

     3.  What do you believe is the relationship between the Soul and God?

     4.  Can anything happen to God that God does not want to have happen?

     5.  Can anything happen to your Soul that your Soul does not want to have happen?

     6.  Why would your Soul seek to bring you the experience that is now being discussed?

     7.  If there is another person involved in this experience, why do you think the Soul of that other person would join you in co-creating this experience?

The answers to these questions will send you on a Soul Searching that can produce direct connection between your Mind and your Soul, opening you to the Consciousness of the Soul and the Awareness that goes along with it.

This process can change people’s lives in just moments, altering their reality around any life event through the expanding of the data in the Mind’s databank.

Once you have “established contact” with your Soul through the simple process of sincerely asking questions and of opening yourself to a pure willingness to find and hear the answers. If you do this on a regular basis, you are on your way to changing the way you think about everything in your life---and about life itself. 

By connecting with your Soul and embracing the consciousness of Pure Being, you expand the databank of the Mind, bringing it information, understanding, and awareness that it has no way of retrieving from its own limited storehouse---because it is not there.

The SouLogic Process in Action

Now let’s see how this SouLogic process can work in "real life." Let us say that a person is living with deep inner anger, resentment, inability to forgive, or other negative emotion around an event or circumstance in their life. Now let’s pretend that you are orking with that person (we’ll call him ‘Harry’) using this process.  Here’s how one interaction might go…

YOU: Do you believe in God?


YOU:  Okay.  Do you believe in the existence of the Human Soul?


YOU:  What do you believe is the relationship between the Soul and God?

HARRY:  I’m not sure.  I don’t know.

YOU:  I see.  But if you thought you knew, what would your answer be?

HARRY:  I would think that the Soul and God are deeply connected.

YOU:  In what way?

HARRY:  I’m not sure I can describe it.

YOU:  i know you can\'t, but if you thought you could, what would you say?

HARRY:  Hmmm….I’d say that the Soul and God are the ‘same stuff,’ only God has more of it.  Something like that.

YOU: Great. I got that. Now, do you believe that anything can happen to God that is against God\'s Will?

HARRY: No. God is God and nothing is more powerful than God, so nothing can happen to God that God does not want to have happen.

YOU:  So then let me ask, if the Soul is the stuff of God, do you believe that anything can happen to the Soul that is against its will? Can the Soul be damaged or victimized in any way?

HARRY:  That’s a good question.  I don’t know.

YOU:  I know, but if you thought you did, what would your answer be?

HARRY:  I don’t think so.  Not really.  WE might be able to be damaged; I mean, the human ego, but I don’t think the Soul can be victimized or damaged--especially if the Soul and God are the same stuff.

YOU: Then what do you believe is the purpose of your soul having created and experienced what has happened in your life? Why did your soul create that?

HARRY:  I want to say ‘I don’t know,’ but I know what you’re going to tell me.

YOU:  Good, then we can go right to the answer.

Here the process participant will often give a detailed answer to the question, Why has my Soul created and experienced this? It always amazes everyone in the room, because the answer is startling in its clarity.  Any thought that the participant did not have the answer is erased immediately. 

Then comes the final question…the question where Grace enters in. Because it is in answer to this question that the person you are working with can open to a higher level of awareness of another…helping them to move beyond forgiveness to a place where simple Understanding heals all wound, all anger, all resentment.

YOU: Thank you for your answer. Now…with regard to the other person in the episode or circumstance that has occurred (or is now occurring)…what do you believe is the purpose of that person's Soul having co-created with you the experience they have co-created?

The person you are working with will often at this time have the biggest "aha" of all…and may even be moved to tears by their sudden awareness.

Once the answers to these questions are clear, once the reason and the purpose of life’s events is understood, a person suddenly sees exactly what is going on here, why things are happening the way they are happening, why things are going to be happening the way they are going to be happening (when though we don’t know what is going to happen), and the wondrous perfection of it all.

Calling everything “perfect” is not the same as calling everything “wonderful.” Calling a condition perfect is simply acknowledging that it exists in exact alignment with your soul’s in-this-moment agenda---which may very well be to change a condition you are or were  experiencing as a means of knowing, demonstrating, and experiencing, in this time, Who You Really Are.

Here is a real-life demonstration: