About CWG Portal

CWG Portal is a gateway to a wide variety of opportunities to learn about and to engage with the message of Conversations with God. There, as well, you may explore CWG in stimulating exchange with others from around the world, and become part of an even larger process of sharing its foundational ideas — not to "convince" or "convert" anyone, but simply to offer wondrous alternative ideas and possibilities about God and Life that could reshape, renew and remake the ways in which we interact with each other, respond to the events of our days and nights, and relate to the Essential Essence and Energy of the Universe Itself.

There you will find doorways to CWG for Parents, CWG Connect, The Global Conversation, the CWG Foundation, Humanity's Team, and the CWG Helping Outreach — each project performing a different function and meeting a different purpose. The work that is being done through these endeavors is immense, and we wanted there to be a way for people to find out, all in one place and in specific terms, exactly what these inspired programs are doing, what they are offering, and how you might join them in their activities.

Why? Because the Conversations with God experience was never meant for one person alone, but for the world entire. Its purpose is to make it clear that God talks to all people, all the time. The question is not, "To whom does God talk?", the question is: "Who listens?" The intention of the Conversation is two-fold…

To change the world's mind about God.
To give people back to themselves.

The CWG message does this by returning people to Right Relationship with Divinity.

This, in turn, puts them into Right Relationship with each other, and with all of life. The healing and transformative power of this is self-evident.

Enjoy CWG portal, and move through its doorways often. You will find a new way of life there.