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The CWG Invitation

The idea for this project grew out of an event in 2012 when Neale collaborated with award winning composer, Barry Goldstein, to share the "Having your own conversation with God" meditation with a live audience at a major spiritual expo in Chicago. They both observed the unrehearsed intertwining of music and words produced something magical that touched the audience very deeply, and they thought it would be a perfect way to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the publication of Conversations with God in 2015.  So Neale and Barry went into the studio and created a unique and powerful guided journey that can assist listeners in experiencing their personal connection with God.

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The Entire Teleclass Series

We have made Neale's entire audio collection available to you as downloads. The most comprehensive collection we have to offer, it includes his talks on a variety of topics, plus 2 bonus downloads. Each audio is over 60 minutes full of inspiration.

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Changing Change TeleClass

The When Everything Changes, Change Everything teleclass brings you over 70 minutes of questions and answers with Neale on this healing book. Choose Part 1, Part 2 or both as MP3 downloads.

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Home With God TeleSeminar

Neale was on the telephone with a first-of-its-kind discussion of the extraordinary information in the Final Text of the Conversations with God series, HOME WITH GOD in a Life That Never Ends.

Learn about stages...and about how we continue on in an amazing journey, re-embracing our present worldly identity, re-visiting every moment of our life in an inspiring way, and re-engaging our True Self as we prepare to return to Physicality with a new identity/lifetime, or returning to re-live this present lifetime all over again, making new choices along the way!


Happier Than God TeleClass

This is a 90-minute Download with Neale Donald Walsch, the author of Conversations with God, who walked participants through the exciting messages of his book, Happier than God. Neale believes this to be one of the most practical spiritual books ever written, overlaying the inspiring and freedom-giving messages of CwG onto everyday life in a way that causes those messages to truly come alive, placing in our hands simple yet powerful tools with which to alter our day-to-day experience forever.  Explore with him the Seventeen Steps to greater happiness than you have ever known before. 


When Everything Changes 1 Day Intensive MP3

Neale looked deeply into the Conversations with God material to see what wisdom it could bring us during this time of enormous personal and global upheaval. From that search came the development of an extraordinary process that he believes can be very helpful to many people.

He calls it "The Change Process" and from that emerged his book, When Everything Changes, Change Everything. It is about how to apply the wonderful messages of Conversations with God during this time of huge shifts in so many things. Neale also produced a series of One-Day Spiritual Renewal Retreats to work with people individually with this process. One of those One-Day Retreats took place in Los Angeles and the results were, literally, amazing.  This is over 7 hours on MP3 download.