About CWG Connect

CWG Connect is the internet-based global community for those who wish to more deeply explore the messages of Conversations with God. This subscription service provides opportunities to connect with the material with fresh content every week, including videos, audio programs, and the written word, as well as  personal interactions with Neale in the Ask Neale portion of the site.

Neale's Message

"In my own life I've moved in and out of the place of Total Knowing, and I have not so far been able to remain there for a vastly extended period (much less the rest of my life). But some people have. And not just ancient masters, saints, or sages, either. There are people living on the planet right now who have. Some of the people whom I know personally have. So I can promise you it is possible.

"I'm working on going there and staying there permanently. If you want to work on that with me, you're invited to join the community at CWG Connect. Thanks to today's marvelous technologies, people from all over the world can now connect with the life-changing message of Conversations with God as a wonderful pathway to awareness."