CwG Programs & Retreats

Spiritual Mentoring Program

During our 90-day Spiritual Mentoring Program, Neale personally walks each participant through a 3-month exploration of the principle points in the Conversations with God messages in 3 separate categories covering 30 days each: Mastering Change - Mastering Happiness - Mastering Now. The aim of this program is to turn life into what it was always intended to be: an expression of true Self-Realization from a place of deep inner peace and harmony, thanks to a richer understanding of life's process and purpose.

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There is a tiny handful of people who have a deep desire to delve into the Conversations with God material more deeply than the average person. This may be because the material itself has touched their life in an extremely powerful and meaningful way. Twice each year, Neale invites a new tiny group from around the world into his home to spend five days with him in highly personal morning-to-night discussion and exploration of the CWG messages --- their meaning, their implication, and their application in everyday life.

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