Happier Than God

The Book

This is not a book of spiritual theory. It provides a plan we can use to change our lives. Neale not only tells us how we can make it through the week in these tough times, he shows us how we can face each day overflowing with joy and optimism. The good news, he tells us, is that each of us were meant to be happy—not just happy—but happier than god!  Included in the book is a program that Neale calls “17 Steps to being Happier Than God.” This is a plan that combines the best of the conceptual truths from his 9-book Conversations with God series with the new “Five Primary Principles” to turn those concepts into practical tools for altering life for the better -- forever.

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The Teleclass

This is a 90-minute Download with Neale Donald Walsch, the author of Conversations with God, who walked participants through the exciting messages of his book, Happier than God

Participants in this teleclass were the first members of the general public to have the opportunity to explore the material in this as yet unpublished manuscript. Included: Seventeen steps to greater happiness than you have ever known before. 

Neale believes this to be one of the most practical spiritual books ever written, overlaying the inspiring and freedom-giving messages of CwG onto everyday life in a way that causes those messages to truly come alive, placing in our hands simple yet powerful tools with which to alter our day-to-day experience forever.