Annie Sims

All my life it seems people have come to me for help with their problems. As a child I was sometimes affectionately called "Ann Landers"! Interestingly, my music career is what has led me to provide life coaching and advice in a larger way. I've been blessed to perform as Neale's musical guest in nine countries and have spent countless hours learning how he helps people in great pain process the events of their lives, to get to a place of peace with what is. The breakthroughs have been amazing!

I present CWG workshops and Music & Message programs at Unity and Religious Science churches, am a CWG Coach in Neale's Spiritual Mentoring Program. As part of my duties as Global Director of CWG Advanced Programs, I offer a series of six 4-week courses in the CWG Leadership Support Program, where I work one-on-one with students from around the world, helping them learn to use the principles in Conversations With God.

If there is anything in your life that is currently presenting a challenge, or perhaps something that has bothered you for a very long time, I invite you to shine a light on it. Where there is light, darkness cannot prevail. It would be my blessing to assist you if it feels right for you, as all true benefits are mutual. And please always remember this:

"Where there is love, fear cannot be.
Where there is light, the black of night means nothing to me.
Where there is truth you have the proof to set yourself free."

Excerpt from "Where There Is Love", ©2010 Annie Sims, Little Songbird Music (BMI)

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