Listen to Neale 'Speak The Messages'

Hear the CWG concepts explained
more clearly than ever

Over a period of several years, Neale recorded by telephone his personal interpretation and deepest understandings of the Conversations with God material as part of a series of tele-classes offered to readers of CWG.  We have now "bundled" all of these recordings into a unique collection of audio programs in which Neale dissects and describes the marvelous and life changing messages of his extraordinary dialogue with Deity in new and fresh ways in response to requests from readers around the world.  

This collection includes:

Being Truly Present
How to Live Truly in the Moment

Letting Go of Your Ego
Living a More Fulfilled LIfe

Being Fearless
Embracing More of What Life has to Offer

Unspoken Secret of the Law of Attraction
How to Draw Your Desires to You

Creating and Running a CWG Based Business
Putting Spirituality into Your Wallet

How to Stay in Your Heartspace
How to be Heart Centered in the Most Difficult Times of your Life

Financial Prosperity and Physical Abundance
A Personal Fulfillment Class

Happier than God
A Guide Spiritual Fulfillment

Creating Your Right Livelihood
How Your Work can Satisfy the Agenda of Your Soul

True Love and Conversations with God
When Heart and Soul Meet

Home with God
What Happens in a Life that Never Ends

Plus these two exclusive bonus audios --

Creating Your Own Reality
Using the Source of All Creative Power

How to Have Your Own Conversation with God
How to Personally Connect with the Divine

This collection is priced at $89

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