"This is wonderful---it could have been written for me---the answer to
all my prayers for understanding and guidance."

The above is just one of the many, many grateful postings that people from all over the world are placing
in the Comments section of the multiple resourceful features you will find each week
CWG CONNECT, a truly remarkable platform on this website.
Here is what some others are saying…

"The trick, of course, is applying this wisdom on a daily basis. I would imagine that’s why many of us here are engaging in this community."

--- Comment following a weekly CWG Excerpt

"Fantastic lesson. I tried this today…As I thought about this, I started to feel better and have been feeling better and better as the day went on. This is my favourite lesson so far. Thanks for sharing it…it might well be the breakthrough I have been praying for."

--- Comment following a weekly Study Guide Lesson

"These are great ways to actually apply the CwG message on the ground & in practical ways. I do appreciate these & will be using them to integrate into my life."

--- Comment regarding the daily quotes from What God Said on the CWG Connect Welcome Page

Welcome to our new home. You will see as you explore the many “rooms” in our new “house” that this is much more than a simple website. This is a community offering people an unparalleled opportunity to stay connected with the energy of Conversations with God—an energy that I dearly hope has touched your life in a positive way. I am so very glad that you have brought yourself here.

There are many things for you to do now that you have arrived. Perhaps most exciting of all, CWG Connect is a place where you can access… Read More